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We all want to use or play Android apps or games, but the main problem arises  when we don’t have an Android device or that device does not support such game or app or it just lag like an old fart while using the app or game, in such times what you need is a fast device or another way to play or use such apps. One of the best way to do that is your PC with BlueStacks App Player, the reason why Windows OS is on the top of market is that every type of app and game can be played on it, since the developers needs to promote their game and wants all of the users to play it, the best option for anyone is to release it for Windows.

In past we used to play NeoGeo games and Gameboy Advance games on PC using some sort of Emulators, even the Nintendo 3DS games can be played on PC, not to mention PS1 and PS2 even PS3 games can be played on PC using different 3rd party Emulators, so why not the Android apps, well BlueStacks App Player does the job here and allow users to play Android games and even let them use the Exclusive Android apps on it, whether paid or free, since the Apks are available of any app. So here we are, going to provide you the Installation and configuring tutorial of BlueStacks App Player along with the Installation of any Android app or Game on it.

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