Remix OS 2.0, The Future of Android PC

 From the very start we all wants an all-in-one package, in which we can enjoy more and more without using many things at once. Since we have a Laptop and a Mobile, both are different and separate things and no doubt both have their own purpose, pros and cons. But at certain time we want to use both of them on one single screen. Bluestacks allowed all the Android users to do so, but still it is incomplete and its not the whole OS. Due to such demand and incompleteness,Remix OS 2.0 arrived in this world and that is most probably the future of any PC wants to run Android OS on it, unless there is something better comes out

You have the whole Android OS on your PC screens, from the Notification bar to the File Manager everything is there. If you are a fan on Android OS and withstand the absence of Windows OS on your PC, ’cause I believe you’ll have more than enough Android apps to run all sort of files with basic extensions, except some specific ones. If you are willing to run it as a Primary OS, everything will change, but as a secondary it won’t be any good use to you. The features of Remix OS 2.0 is being listed at the official site, we will only be providing you the Download link as well as the Installation procedure.

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Remix OS 2.0: Link
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